3 Benefits of Side-Zipper Safety Footwear

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3 Benefits of Side-Zipper Safety Footwear

3 Benefits of Side-Zipper Safety Footwear

13 January 2021
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It is every employer's responsibility to ensure that workers are safe regardless of the risks involved. Therefore, employers must provide workers with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) to guard against work-related injuries. Quality safety footwear is particularly essential for safeguarding employees' feet. Notably, some safety boots have laces only, whereas others have both a side-zipper and laces. While both are effective in protecting employees' feet, the side-zipper option has added advantages. This article explores three benefits of side-zipper safety footwear.

Easy to Put on/Remove — Working with laces can be frustrating because you have to tie them up correctly to achieve the right tension. Moreover, tying and untying bootlaces every morning and evening is tiresome. Indeed, some workers prefer loose lace-fit so that they have an easy time removing their boots. However, this is dangerous because loose laces can cause you to trip or get caught in a moving machine. Safety boots with side zippers are much easier to work with since you don't have to undo the laces when putting the shoes on. All you have to do is pull the zipper when putting on or removing the boots.

Escape from Dangerous Situations  Just because you have safety boots does not mean that you should ignore glaring workplace hazards. For instance, working as a lumberjack, construction worker or plant maintenance operator exposes your feet to moving parts and heavy objects. In case your feet get trapped under a fallen tree, a gear system, or a concrete pillar, you will want to remove the feet fast. However, it would be nearly impossible if you have safety boots with laces only since it takes time to undo the bootlace and pull your leg. Side-zippers are a safer option because you can quickly pull the zip down and pull your foot to safety. A side-zipper could be the difference between losing and keeping your feet in a workplace accident.

Comfort  While working in safety boots is necessary, wearing them the entire day can feel uncomfortable, especially in summer. Your feet heat up and perspire, affecting your productivity in the workplace. Although you can undo bootlaces to allow cool air inside the footwear, you have to stop what you are doing since you cannot continue working with loose bootlaces. Conversely, side-zipper safety boots can offer you temporary ventilation and comfort throughout the day. All you have to do is unzip them whenever you feel that your feet are getting hot. The best part is that you can continue working, even with the zipper down, though this may not be as safe.

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