What You Should Be Looking For In Your Hi Visibility Workwear

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What You Should Be Looking For In Your Hi Visibility Workwear

What You Should Be Looking For In Your Hi Visibility Workwear

16 November 2019
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There are not many current jobs out there that are more physically demanding than that of a tradie. From working on road construction during rainy nights to installing insulation in the searing heat of summer, they cover the full gamut of Australia's harsh conditions. To deal with this, it is important that you have good-quality workwear that will keep you as safe as possible. For many tradies, this means going with high-visibility workwear. But what makes a good piece of clothing that is suitable for your work? Here are three tips that you should focus on when workwear shopping.

Light And Breathable

Your high-visibility workwear should not weigh too much because you will often be doing quite strenuous work in it, and if it is made from heavy materials, this can cause you to sweat more and get dehydrated easily. Cotton is preferred, and you should try not to fall into buying a cheaper, canvas or polyester piece of workwear as they will keep much of your body heat trapped inside the shirt. Higher-quality pieces of workwear will also normally have ventilation areas that help regulate your body's temperature. Don't worry about getting cold when buying your high-visibility workwear shirt because if you do have to work in rainy or cold conditions, you will most likely have a larger high-visibility coat on, not just your shirt.

Meets Regulations

You might not know, but there are rules and regulations about what level of visibility and reflection a high-visibility workwear item needs to have to call itself that. Lots of cheaper options will call themselves high-visibility, but may not offer the correct safety standards that the real items do. The simple way to test for this is to always read the label of any clothing you are considering. If the workwear does not say it meets certain safety standards, then ask a nearby salesperson if they know. If they can't guarantee it is, then leave it; it is not worth your time or money.

Protects Your Skin

There are many harsh objects, materials and natural elements that can harm your skin on a worksite. You want to know your high-visibility workwear can also protect you from potential injury if you contact some these things. Specifically, the things you should be looking to shield yourself from are:

  • Harmful UV rays from the sun: Look for workwear that is rated as being good at stopping sunburn.
  • Some chemical protection: Many workwear items will specify if they have been tested against chemicals, and you should prioritise these items.
  • Tear resistant: You don't want your workwear breaking down after a couple of scraps and bumps.
  • Long sleeve: The best way to protect your skin is to have as much covered as possible. Always go for long-sleeved workwear shirts over short-sleeved ones.
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