Tips and Tricks of Picking Out the Best Ugg Boots

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Tips and Tricks of Picking Out the Best Ugg Boots

Tips and Tricks of Picking Out the Best Ugg Boots

24 July 2018
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You can be stylish throughout the year including during winter. Ugg boots and a variety of other warm attire have made this perfectly possible. But winter is not a one-time thing, so you need your Ugg boots to last from one winter to another. How then do you pick out a good boot? Below are some tips and tricks.

Feel the Ugg boots

Run your fingers through the boots both inside and out to feel the texture of the boots. Genuine Ugg boots will feel just as wool would. If you have never felt wool, then you should know the feel of fur. Ugg boots are a bit harder and coarser than cat or dog fur. If the inner lining of the Uggs feel like fur or velvet, then know that they may be counterfeit.

Look at the stitches

Ugg boots appear to be different parts of a shoe stitched together skilfully. Fortunately, the stitches are external and you can inspect them just by looking. Now, genuine Ugg boots will have the stitches in perfect order, with similar spacing and same colour thread. The stitched parts will also come together in an orderly manner and there won't be tears or running threads. If you notice any kind of damage on new boots, notify the store managers and look for a different pair.

Bend it

One absolute way to know whether the Ugg boots you are eyeing are real or not is to bend the front of the shoe. Hold the heel and the toe side of the shoe and bend it inwards so that the toes face up. Look at how the shoe bends. Genuine Ugg boots bend all the way in because the wool used is flexible and stretchy. However, other boots will be rigid. They may bend but only after putting a lot of pressure on them. This is not good because a slight trip when walking would lead to the stitches bursting open.

Check the Ugg label

Genuine Ugg boots have the heel label centrally placed in relation to the sides but closer to the sole of the shoe than the ankle. Although it may take some time for you to see it, just try to measure the space below and above the label. Counterfeit Ugg boots have the heel label centrally placed both sideways and in relation to the top and bottom of the heel. Genuine Ugg labels are also narrow and long while counterfeit ones are wide and short.

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