Dancing for pregnant women

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Dancing for pregnant women

Dancing for pregnant women

24 November 2015
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Pregnancy can be a time of many changes to your body and routine, but stopping your regular dance routine doesn't need to be one of them. Dance is a great exercise for pregnant women, with a balanced emphasis on flexibility and strength, as well as being a beautiful creative output.

Here are some tips to ensure you can continue your dancing routine throughout your pregnancy.

Let your teacher know about your pregnancy early

If you dance with a partner or teacher regularly, then let them know about your pregnancy. The changes to your body in pregnancy, such as the additional "relaxin" (muscle relaxation) hormone, can leave you vulnerable to certain injuries such as overextensions. If the people you dance with are aware that you are pregnant, they can look out for you and help to modify routines so that you can continue to dance safely.

Choose some new dancewear

As part of dance, you spend a lot of time examining your form and body lines in the mirror. The changes to your body can be an adjustment, so it can be a great time to upgrade to some cool maternity dancewear that makes you look and feel great when you look in the mirror. Remember that you may have to buy several iterations as you get bigger, so include at least one set of dancewear per trimester in your maternity wear budget. You may even find your feet grow and swell more when pregnant, so you might need some new dance shoes as well.

Listen to your body

If you feel that you need to take your intensity down a notch as your pregnancy progresses, then you should listen to your body. Pregnancy can be a good time to try a new dance style or concentrate on some of the more technical aspects of your favourite style. Spending the time working on some other styles, such as belly dancing or jazz can be a fun change from some of the higher intensity modern and Latin styles of dance.

Dancing is a fun way to stay active throughout your pregnancy, as well as a cool way to enjoy the new ways your body looks and moves during your pregnancy. One of the best ways to ensure that you can keep dancing throughout your pregnancy is to embrace the change by letting your co-dancers know about your pregnancy and buying some cool maternity dancewear.

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