Buying luggage as gift for a loved one

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Buying luggage as gift for a loved one

Buying luggage as gift for a loved one

28 October 2015
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If you have a loved one who is a frequent traveler, either for work or pleasure, then a piece of luggage can make a great gift. Here are some ideas to make sure your gift is as practical as possible.

The right size

Many frequent fliers prefer not to check baggage as this can allow them to leave the plane and get to their destination more quickly, as they don't need to be wait for the baggage carousel. Look into the maximum size for cabin baggage for their normal airline, or choose a bag that is inline with the proposed IAPA international maximum cabin baggage sizes of 55cm x 35cm x 19cm. This maximises luggage contents space, while maintaining convenience.

A burst of colour

While many bags come in standard dark shades of blacks, greys and blues if your giftee is a little more adventurous, choosing luggage in a different shade such as red or even leopard print can be a fun idea. These colours are easy to spot when they come off the baggage carousel (if they do end up checking luggage), and are distinct, which makes them much less likely to be accidentally picked up by other passengers.

If they prefer a more staid colour for their luggage, you can always buy them a bright luggage tag to go along with their new luggage instead.


While ideally luggage would be treated with great care and delicacy, the process of moving, unloading and travelling can be a rough one on a passenger's luggage. Ensure the luggage you purchase is sturdy can make sure that their luggage (and contents) turns up in a similar state to the way it left in. Either with a solid shell or fabric casing will do just fine, as long as the frame itself is solid.


If your loved one is travelling for work they may have paperwork or electronic equipment with them when they travel, which stores confidential information. In this case it is important to have lockable luggage to ensure the information remains secure. Lockable luggage also ensures that their luggage cannot be tampered with, and can make the luggage less appealing to thieves if your giftee often travel to crime-heavy regions.

A new piece of luggage can be a fun and practical gift for a frequent flier. Why not use some of these tips and buy luggage online to find great options for your loved one.

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