Make a Rugby Jersey Cleaning Kit for New Uni Students With These 5 Items

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Make a Rugby Jersey Cleaning Kit for New Uni Students With These 5 Items

Make a Rugby Jersey Cleaning Kit for New Uni Students With These 5 Items

22 October 2015
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Your son or daughter is going away to uni for the first time, he or she will need to wash his or her own rugby jersey. To help them keep their jerseys clean for future games or sporting events, here are five essentials to add to their care kit.

1. A Pre-Treatment Product

Whether your child is playing rugby and gets blood on the jersey or is down at the pub and gets some sauce on it, a pre-treatment product is essential. There are a range of easy-to-carry pretreatment products that come in stick, pen or wipe form.

Your child just has to wipe the pretreatment product over the stain, and when he or she returns to his or her student accommodation, he or she can easily clean the jersey.

2. Nail Brush

Also, include a nail brush in the rugby jersey cleaning kit, and make sure your child knows what to use it for. If there is mud on the jersey, instruct your child to wait for it to dry. Then, he or she should brush it off with a nail brush and put the jersey to soak.

3. Soaking Solution

To help with removing dirt stains, you can make your child a concentrated soaking solution with a mixture of one part liquid dish detergent and three parts white vinegar. Put this in a small squirt bottle. To use, fill a container with two litres of warm water or enough to cover the rugby jersey. Then, add a few squirts of the solution and let it soak.  

4. Enzymatic Cleaner

Although your homemade soaking solution is ideal for dirt and mud stains, it doesn't work as well for protein-based stains. Essentially, protein-based stains include stains made by plants or animals including grass stains, blood stains and many food stains.

To remove these stains, after pre-treating, your child should rinse the stain and then apply an enzyme-based stain remover to it. Then, your child should brush the cleaner over the stain using the nail brush. Finally, when the stain has begun to lift, your child should soak it in cold water before washing.

5. Bucket

Finally, as your child likely has to share laundry and toilet facilities with other students and may not have a dedicated sink in his or her room, include a bucket with the rugby jersey cleaning kit. A bucket with a bow around it makes a cute gift package with the rest of the items, and it makes it easy for your child to soak his or her dirty rugby jersey as needed without having to leave it in the shared laundry room.

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